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Blogger Helen Verhelst's five tips for a top Christmas menu! 

1. Try out the dishes (partially) in advance:
"There's nothing more stressful than an unsuccessful dish on the evening itself. That's why I advise you to try out the dish, or at the least the most difficult part of the dish, in advance.”

2. Don't serve too many snacks:
"It's tempting to serve lots of crisps and dips before the meal, but don't overdo it. You want there to be space left to enjoy the rest of your cooking! So stick to two or three cold and warm snacks. These could be dips, cheese, garlic bread and olives."

3. Start with a soup:
"Soup is easy, quick and very tasty. Of course, it's also handy because you can prepare it well in advance."


4. Enjoy time with your guests:
"Timing is so important for the Christmas dinner, and the oven is your best friend here! You can prepare casseroles in advance, so that you can enjoy time with your guests on the evening itself, while the casserole is in the oven. For this menu, I created two casseroles as a main course."

5. Go out with a bang:
"Not literally of course, but in the form of a top dessert. Your guests will soon forget the burnt casserole or the sauce that was too salty if the dessert is unforgettable. Make something you can easily prepare the day before and that will keep young and old alike happy. Perhaps a tiramisu, brownies, cheesecake or a crumble."


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