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Hannah Van Ongevalle (31) is the co-owner of the speakeasy bar The Pharmacy in Knokke and Antwerp, owner of consultancy company Tipsy Cake and her new project The Motel. She is both nationally and internationally known as a mixologist & drinks expert. Hannah is a hardworking, ambitious woman who needs to press the pause button in order to enjoy some me-time from time to time. 

Hannah: “Every day is different, except for the fact that I’m always very busy running my business! My to-do lists are sacred, and I really need to prioritize in order to get things done. It’s essential for me to make time for my husband, family and friends. But I also need some time for myself”.

“My perfect me-time is to relax on sunny days on my own patio while reading a book. I also love to watch old movies. To pamper myself, I love to go shopping, or to treat myself to a massage or a skin care or…with a few chocolates.”

“I’m Belgian, so I grew up with Neuhaus chocolates. The brand is part of my heritage. To me, Neuhaus is a sophisticated and innovative brand that stays true to its values. At ‘The Pharmacy’ we try to make classic drinks with an innovative twist. That’s exactly what I feel Neuhaus is doing: staying creative and innovative with something that everybody loves.”


Monday morning is for me the most difficult day of the week. My to-do list just seems endless! I like to kickstart with a fresh cup of coffee. 


To have a break during the week, I try to enjoy some us-time with my husband. In the Summer, we spend time together on our patio, and on cosy rainy days we love to cuddle up in the sofa and read a book or watch a movie.


TGIF! After a busy shift on Friday or saturday in my bar I loke to close down the evening with one last drink. I enjoy a spicy Mezcal Bloody Mary or something neat before we start cleaning the bar


I enjoy shopping like every girl I think ;-)
I think its important to present a certain image and to express myself through my style