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The magic of a Brussels Christmas awaits you, one chocolate at a time.

At Neuhaus, we cherish traditions with loved ones

And nothing stirs the anticipation for Christmas more than opening the windows of an Advent calendar together. This winter, we introduce an Advent calendar that gets more beautiful with each day closer to Christmas.

First of all: what is an Advent calendar without chocolates?

As you count down towards Christmas, each of the 25 windows in the calendar hides a delicious and timeless Neuhaus praline.

One day you might open up to one of our iconic Irrésistibles: a crunchy nougatine, hand-filled with fresh cream or ganache, and enrobed in milk or dark chocolate.

The next day, our classic Suzanne could appear behind the window: a raspberry ganache on a fine layer of praliné, covered with dark chocolate and decorated with pieces of raspberry.

Just like each day closer to Christmas is a bit more special than the day before, the calendar gets more magical, as the Christmas market on the Grand Place in Brussels slowly appears.
This famous square is just a few steps from Galerie de la Reine: the birthplace of the Neuhaus praline.

  • A unique pop-up Advent calendar, inspired by the birthplace of the Belgian praline.
  • A selection of 25 of our most timeless pralines.
  • A collector’s item to treasure the memories of Christmastime long after the holiday season.

Would you like to see more? Watch an exclusive preview of our Advent calendar.
This holiday season, start building up your anticipation for a truly precious Christmas. One chocolate at a time.
Order in time for the beginning of the Advent season!

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