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Valentine's Day in Brussels: Lionel Rigolet recommends you his favourite places 

In cooperation with Neuhaus, Lionel Rigolet, chef of the iconic Belgian 2 Michelin star restaurant “Comme chez Soi” shares with us his best loved addresses to spend an exceptional 14th February.

Cooking has always been a treasured path for Lionel! It is this passion for gastronomy as well as for the Belgian capital which created this strong link with Neuhaus. As Lionel Rigolet likes to remind us “Brusseleir and proud of it”

Take a stroll around the heart of the city and discover extraordinary places to spend a memorable evening with your loved one.

For a drink


  • Senzanome. Laurence, my wife, loves this Michelin-starred restaurant for its quality cuisine, orchestrated by Chef Giovanni Bruno, as well as for its atmosphere!
  • Al Piccolo Mondo and Vini Divini… Both perfect for an intimate meal where the food is amazing!
  • La Belle Maraîchère, Le Pigeon Noir or l’Ogenblik. The place for haute cuisine with quality products. The owners are very nice and will ensure that you have an unforgettable evening.
  • 65 Degrés. An extraordinary place to enjoy high-quality cuisine. Their motto is 'inclusion'. In line with this philosophy, some staff members are intellectually disabled, but I have rarely experienced such a warm and impeccable service!

For a Candlelit Dinner at home

  • Dierendonck.. For the quality of its meat. When our son was studying at the Koksijde Hotel Management School, he brought back meat from 'Dierendonck' in Saint-Idesbald every weekend. I'm delighted that this brand has now opened a branch in Brussels!

  • La Fruitière.. This cheese dairy opened two years ago. I love their offer of exceptional cheeses and the way they match them with particular wines and beers.

  • Julien Hazard. Another high-end cheese dairy, from which we receive supplies for our restaurant.

For a Romantic Evening

L'Amigo. . We go for its breakfast in bed. Savoury for me and sweet for my wife. We love taking a stroll around the Grand-Place district.

Neuhaus and Lionel Rigolet, a Love Story

"The time I really discovered Neuhaus was when I met my wife, Laurence. You have to believe me when I say it really is part of the family because everyone loves the Caprices here, from her parents to our daughter! My favourite pralines are the Caprices and the Manons. Laurence also loves the Canastas, which are marzipan wrapped in chocolate. I still think that you don't have to wait until Valentine's Day to give someone pralines, we should pamper ourselves more often."

Neuhaus and Comme Chez Soi, Tradition in their DNA

One of the things that Neuhaus and Comme Chez Soi share is that they both constantly strive for perfection, quality and inventiveness. While Neuhaus invented the praline and its famous ballotin, Comme chez Soi had already experimented with molecular cuisine 60 years ago to create its emblematic dish: sole fillets with Riesling. The mousseline is used like a sabayon. It was revolutionary at the time!" adds Lionel Rigolet. More than anything, the two success stories are family stories in which recipes and know-how are brought to life from generation to generation.