We invested in a cacao farm in Ecuador

We have invested in a cacao farm in the Guayaquil Region of Ecuador, where several hundred of acres have been dedicated to our own cacao beans. The environment in South America is ideal for growing cacao trees. The climate, the quality of the soil and the exceptional know-how of the local farmers guarantee the superior quality of our chocolate. Better than anyone else, our cacao farmers master the fermentation process that releases the characteristic aromas of the cacao beans and gives our chocolate its unique and distinctive personality, richness and flavour.

fermentation process

The cacao farmers are true masters of the fermentation process, which releases the characteristic aromas of the cacao beans to perfection so that you can enjoy chocolate with a unique, distinctive and rich flavour.


We believe in the importance of the origin of our cacao beans and in purchasing them directly because it gives us the opportunity to work closely with the cacao farmers. They pass on their expertise from generation to generation thus maintaining the traditions of good cacao farming. For our part, we ensure a sustainable relationship with safe and healthy working conditions, higher average wages and implement child labour remediation programs.


the number of cacao trees on our farm


the average number of cacao trees per hectare


the average number of beans in a cacao pod


the number of cacao beans needed to produce 100 g of chocolate with 70% cacao

our cocoa journey

Cacao beans naturally have a bitter taste and must first go through several stages to develop the best flavour. Discover step by step how the beans picked from the trees are transformed into the delicious Neuhaus chocolates we know.