Neuhaus Chocolates Ballotin

Neuhaus' ballotin: A timeless tradition

As a chocolate lover, you've undoubtedly encountered our iconic Neuhaus ballotin, a sturdy cardboard box that houses our delicious pralines. But have you ever wondered about the beginnings and evolution of this iconic gift box that safeguards your chocolate indulgence? Let's travel through time as we uncover the history of the ballotin, a timeless symbol of Neuhaus's chocolate legacy.

The ballotin is a box that provides a secure way to arrange, pack, and transport your chocolates. Its origins date back to 1915 when Louise Agostini, the wife of Jean Neuhaus Jr., noticed that customers were being given paper cones to take home her husband's beautifully crafted chocolates. Unfortunately, these delicate treats were often damaged and melted too quickly. To prevent this, she designed a cardboard box that has evolved over the years into the elegant design you know today.

Our ballotins offer a delectable selection of pralines, ranging from rich dark chocolate and velvety milk chocolate to exquisite truffles. It's available in a variety of sizes to suit different occasions, including a mini ballotin for Insiders gifts and larger sizes containing 350 g, 500 g, 750 g, or 1 kg of pralines. Whether you're seeking a personal treat or a grand gesture, our ballotin is the perfect box for sharing the joy of Neuhaus chocolate.

Neuhaus Chocolates Ballotin

In addition to our timeless ballotin, we have also introduced the Planet Friendly Ballotin, made from FSC and EU Ecolabel-certified materials. Thanks to the savings on packaging costs for this ballotin, we further commit to sustainability and plant cocoa trees in Madagascar with Go Forest.

The ballotin, more than just a container, is an emblem of Neuhaus's dedication to preserving the beauty and integrity of its chocolates. It's a symbol of our heritage, our commitment to sustainability, and our desire to share the best of Belgian chocolate with the world.

Neuhaus Chocolates Planet Friendly Ballotin

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