Carré Origin

40 chocolates

€ 20,50
Carré Origin Box (200G) contains 40 individually wrapped bite-size dark Neuhaus chocolate Carrés. Dark chocolate squares that offer a rich palette of flavours from the most exclusive cocoas in the world and that represents our dark collection in its purest elegance.

All our chocolates are made in Belgium with sustainably sourced cocoa. Every ingredient we use is of natural origin, non-GMO and without palm oil.

dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, flavour), dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier:soy lecithines, flavour).
Nutrition facts - 100g Energy: 2396.75 kJ, Energy: 575.75 kcal, total fat: 45.00 g, of which saturated: 24.30 g, of which mono-unsaturated: 18.40 g, of which poly-unsaturated: 1.53 g, of which trans fat: 0.13 g, cholesterol: 2.85 mg, carbohydrate: 29.40 g, dietary fiber: 11.60 g, of which sugar: 25.15 g, protein: 8.03 g, sodium: 5.67 mg, vitamin A: 13.75 µG, calcium: 34.88 mg, iron: 12.30 mg, salt: 0.01 g, vitamin D: 1.26 µG, potassium: 680.40 mg, of which added sugars: 25.13 g

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