We plant cacao trees and let them grow according to a well-defined cycle that is specific to the local soil. We apply well considered, reasoned and respectful growing methods designed to benefit the local biodiversity. In this way we respect the exceptional soil in Ecuador.


Pruning, irrigating and controlling. We ensure the plentiful, concentrated care that is essential to guarantee the good quality of the cacao. We attach as much importance to our plantations as we do to our pralines.


Harvesting the cacao pods is a very important stage in the chocolate making process. It requires very specific expertise and a great deal of patience. The viability and sustainability of the crop depends on the effective and correct exploitation of the land.


Shelling and splitting cacao pods is a very impressive stage of the whole process involving the removal of the cacao beans from their casings. After the pods have been hollowed out, they are used as compost to enrich the soil. Moreover, the land itself is landscaped in such a way as to ensure optimal drainage and conserve water. Everything is designed to protect the natural resources.


The fermentation and drying process is an important moment in the proceedings that marks the emergence of the aromas and the strength of the cacao. The intensity of our cacao hinges around this stage. The beans are turned and checked daily to ensure the impeccable and evenly balanced fermentation process.


The controlling process is a very specific job. Each batch of cacao beans is checked and identified for detailed traceability throughout the process. 50 beans are randomly selected from each batch; they are cut into two after which their organoleptic (taste & smell) qualities are evaluated. Expertise is also crucial here.


The freshly dried beans are checked by our experts, put into bags and given references. It takes around 210 days from the appearance of the flower on a cacao tree to the final packaging. So, patience is a true virtue here.


Finally, the cacao beans are transported by boat to the workshops where they are processed into cacao mass. After this, of course, there are a great many more stages to go through before our final praline reaches you.

We invested in a cacao farm in Ecuador

We have invested in a cacao farm in the Guayaquil Region of Ecuador where several hundreds of acres have been dedicated to our own cacao beans. This location in South America offers the ideal conditions for growing cacao trees. The combination of the favourable climate, the perfect soil and the expertise of our local farmers guarantees the superior quality of our chocolate. The cacao farmers are true masters of the fermentation process, which releases the characteristic aromas of the cacao beans to perfection so that we can enjoy chocolate with a unique, distinctive and rich flavour.