our commitment to honest chocolate

100% sustainably sourced cacao

Rainforest Alliance is the world's leading programme for sustainably grown cacao. The Rainforest Alliance label stands for more sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families, and our planet. The Rainforest Alliance certification program enables farmers to use better farming methods, grow better crops, and generate more income. They learn how to improve working conditions, adapt to climate change, and protect the environment.

We invested in a cacao farm in Ecuador

We have invested in a cacao farm in the Guayaquil Region of Ecuador where several hundreds of acres have been dedicated to our own cacao beans. This location in South America offers the ideal conditions for growing cacao trees. The combination of the favourable climate, the perfect soil and the expertise of our local farmers guarantees the superior quality of our chocolate. The cacao farmers are true masters of the fermentation process, which releases the characteristic aromas of the cacao beans to perfection so that we can enjoy chocolate with a unique, distinctive and rich flavour.


The number of cacao trees on our farm


The average number of cacao trees per hectare


The average number of beans in a cacao pod


The number of cacao beans needed to produce 100 g of chocolate with 70% cacao

our cacao journey

The beans of the cacao tree have a naturally bitter taste and must first pass through several stages in order to develop the perfect flavour.

100% natural ingredients

Our buyers carefully select all the ingredients, flavourings and colourings that go into a Neuhaus praline. They choose the best farmers and craftsmen from around the world to ensure that every Neuhaus product is, without exception, 100% natural and guarantees a symphony of flavours and textures.

our commitment for the future

When selecting our ingredients and packaging, we always make conscious choices. We strive to use these choices to contribute to a sustainable future. This objective is of great importance to us and it is an ongoing process, which never ends.