Neuhaus Chocolates Best of Belgium trophy

Best of Belgium trophy

At Neuhaus, our mission is to bring the best of Belgian chocolate to the world. Belgium may seem small, but it is known to be full of inventors and talent in many fields. In fact, without Belgians there would be no saxophone, no rollerblades, no atlas, and of course no Belgian pralines and no ballotins.

This is why, as the inventor of the Belgian praline, we attach great importance to Belgitude and talents who, as we do, bring the best of Belgium to the world. To show our pride and thank our Belgians stars for carrying our colours to the top, we reward them with our exclusive Neuhaus Best of Belgium chocolate trophy.

Skillfully designed by our Maîtres Chocolatiers, each masterpiece is meticulously handcrafted using 1.24 kg of rich dark Neuhaus chocolate and embellished with refined copper details. Every piece stands as a tribute to the artistry of Belgian craftsmanship.

Neuhaus Chocolates Best of Belgium trophy

On Wednesday 24 January, we had the pleasure to honour Belgian actress and singer Pommelien Thijs at the Music Industry Awards (MIA’s), organised by VRT in Sportpaleis. A fitting reward for her exceptional contributions to the world of entertainment.

Acknowledging Pommelien as an integral figure in the Flemish media landscape, her contributions to both acting and music have left a mark on the cultural scene. In appreciation of her dedication to the craft, we presented Pommelien with a prestigious Neuhaus Best of Belgium trophy. This delectable reward not only celebrates her achievements but also signifies our admiration for her role in enriching the artistic scene of Belgium.

Congratulations, Pommelien Thijs, for your remarkable achievements, and may your artistic journey continue to inspire and delight.

Neuhaus Chocolates Pommelien Thijs

Chocolate Mousse Bar

Discover our Chocolate Mousse Bar in Galerie de la Reine in Brussels, where we elevate the art of chocolate to new heights.

Neuhaus Chocolates Mousse Bar

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