amusette caramel

Soft yet crunchy. This Amusette masterfully combines the delicate flavours of smooth caramel and vanilla with the bite of biscuits and Guérande salt in a coating of milk chocolate.

Amusette biscuits

The Amusette Biscuits is a classic crowd-pleaser. It's magnificent blend of crunchy minced butter biscuits and a nutty praliné in a rich dark chocolate coating is sure to win hearts.

amusette café

The Amusette Café combines the full, rich taste of white chocolate with a smooth filling flavoured with real coffee bits. A delicious coffee break upgrade for lovers of the black gold.

amusette blonde salée

This delicious treat flaunts delicate flakes of thin nougatine biscuits, a dash of hazelnut paste, and artisanal Isigny caramel, topped off with a blended layer of white and milk chocolate.

amusette nougat miel

The Amusette Nougat Miel is a real sweetheart. With its nostalgic tender nougat and delicate aromas of floral honey in a milk chocolate coating, this Amusette adds a touch of sugar to your day.

Amusettes sharing box

amusettes me-time

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