amusette caramel

Neuhaus Chocolates Amusette Caramel

what's inside?

Soft yet crunchy. This Amusette masterfully combines the delicate flavours of smooth caramel and vanilla with the bite of biscuits and Guérande salt in a coating of milk chocolate.


Chocolates with a twist tailored to those who love variety and adventure! Five delicious flavour combinations coated in rich chocolate. Time to indulge yourself - and each other.

Neuhaus Chocolates Amusette Caramel

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made in belgium

Ever since Jean Neuhaus Jr. invented the Belgian praline in 1912, all our chocolates have always been crafted with care in Belgium and it’s our firm commitment to keep it that way.

natural ingredients

Every ingredient that goes into a Neuhaus product is carefully selected and always of 100% natural origin. All Neuhaus chocolates are non-GMO and palm oil free.

honest chocolate

All our cacao is sustainably sourced cacao. We’ve invested in our own cacao farm in Ecuador to work directly with cacao farmers and ensure traceability and quality.