Botanicals limited edition

Celebrate the arrival of spring with our Botanicals LIMITED EDITION Collection. Our Maîtres Chocolatiers have teamed up with the renowned Belgian chef Gert De Mangeleer (Hertog Jan**) and developed five botanically inspired Easter eggs, evoking the freshness of a blooming spring garden with the delicate flavours of Neuhaus chocolate.

Filled figures Easter

Discover the Easter Box with 5 milk & dark filled figures with a smooth hazelnut and a crispy almond praliné with small pieces of caramelized almonds. These Easter bells and bunnies are a real feast for your taste buds!

Easter Eggs Colour Wheel Box

The Easter Eggs Colour Wheel Box contains 48 Neuhaus chocolates. Our favourite Easter eggs assorted in a new way to enhance your chocolate tasting experience.

Big Easter Egg

This colourful Easter egg box, filled with our iconic Neuhaus chocolates and an Easter egg assortment, is perfect as table decoration or to share with your guests at an Easter brunch.

Easter Egg Tube

This colourful reusable tube with a floral print is the perfect gift for chocolate lovers or ideal to enjoy as a delicious snack.

Easter Eggs Long Box

An introductory box to our Easter egg assortment with flavours and textures to please all chocolate lovers.

Easter eggs

Go on an Easter egg hunt with your children and melt for your favourite dark, milk and white chocolate eggs over a delicious picnic. Find our classic Easter eggs with praliné and gianduja but also new flavours carefully selected to surprise your palates.

Easter Ballotins

A handpicked selection of our most iconic chocolates or delectable Easter eggs, presented in a colourful Easter gift ballotin.

Ballotoeuf nutpaste

This handcrafted crunchy nougatine shell, covered in gianduja, is filled with dark, milk and white chocolate eggs. Displayed in a colourful box with a floral print, this filled egg is a beautiful way to impress at an Easter brunch.

Metal Easter Egg

This egg-shaped box crafted in a colourful metal with a floral print contains 18 Neuhaus Easter eggs in dark, milk and white chocolate.

Easter Cracker

This colourful cracker is perfect as table decoration or as a small gift for your guests.

Easter Bunnies

The Pink & Green Easter Bunnies contain 9 Neuhaus Easter eggs in dark, milk and white chocolate. This Easter bunny shaped box with an elegant bow is the perfect gift for both kids and adults.


Available in our stores

Melt for our sumptuously creamy giant handcrafted chocolate shell filled with our most popular Easter eggs and Neuhaus pralines. This gourmet egg will delight the most discerning palate and is the perfect gift for Easter. Discover the suggestions handpicked by our Maîtres Chocolatiers or compose your own in boutique.

Easter Figurines

Available in our stores

Discover our Easter hollow figures in milk, dark & white chocolate. A delicious playful treat to delight both children and parents alike. As these figures are very fragile they are exclusively available in our Neuhaus stores.

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