In honour of the 65th anniversary of the first Irrésistibles pralines, which were invented for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair, the Icon Collection offers the best of the legendary Irrésistibles along with new, enticing flavours that are sure to become instant icons.

Caprice & Tentation

Back in 1958 we created two pioneering pralines – our very first Irrésistibles – in honour of Expo 58, the prestigious world fair showcasing the latest innovations from around the globe. The two chocolates, called Caprice and Tentation, quickly became icons, setting new standards for quality and excellence. And while those legendary chocolates are still beloved today, we have never stopped innovating.

Throughout generations, we've kept pushing the boundaries of what makes a praline iconic. Today, inspired by the 65th anniversary of our legendary Irrésistibles, we complement the original collection with 3 brand new flavour combinations, that will be quick to earn their icon status.

Neuhaus Chocolates We are taste

Handcrafted nougatine

It’s all about the inimitable crunchy, crackling sensation, every time you take a bite. Our Maîtres Chocolatiers still prepare the nougatine meticulously by hand in the Neuhaus atelier near Brussels. Slowly melting the sugar in copper kettles and baking the mixture in the oven, just like a cookie. You simply can’t imagine our Irrésistibles any other way.

Neuhaus Chocolates Nougatine

Reinventing the taste of the icons


Meet Frisson, a crunchy nougatine cookie filled with a ganache of exotic fruits, enrobed in a mouthful of dark chocolate. Start daydreaming about sun-soaked summer days - one bite at a time!

Traditional artisan nougatine

Hand-filled with a white chocolate yuzu ganache

Coated in intense Belgian dark chocolate

Biscuit topping

Neuhaus Chocolates Frisson


This flavour sensation lives up to its name by delivering a blissful tasting experience with its delightful combination of crispy quinoa and sesame nougatine biscuit, and a luscious dark chocolate ganache from Madagascar, coated in fine Belgian milk chocolate.

Crispy quinoa and sesame nougatine

Hand-filled with a 70% dark chocolate ganache from Madagascar

Coated in fine Belgian milk chocolate

Quinoa seeds topping

Neuhaus Chocolates Euphorie


Experience the folie of indulgence with this traditional artisan nougatine hand-filled with a hazelnut ganache, coated in intense Belgian dark chocolate, and sprinkled with crispy hazelnut pieces.

Traditional artisan nougatine

Hand-filled with a hazelnut ganache

Coated in intense Belgian dark chocolate

Topping of caramelised hazelnut pieces

Neuhaus Chocolates Folie

Icon Collection Box

Savour Neuhaus' Icon Collection, where timeless Irrésistibles blend seamlessly with two innovative flavour combinations, offering an authentic tribute to the essence of flavour.

Neuhaus Chocolates Icon Collection

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