All our chocolates are palm oil free.
We guarantee a shelf life of at least 5 weeks from the time the online order is placed. On the packaging you can find a Best before date. Best before dates are about quality, not safety. The food typically just begins to gradually lose its flavour and texture after that date.
While many of our chocolates are made without wheat ingredients, all products may contain traces of gluten.
No. Many of our chocolates contain nuts, milk, or soy ingredients, and many of our products may contain traces of those and other common allergens like eggs, sesame, gluten and groundnuts.
Good news! We now offer four innovative vegan pralines in our new Vegan Collection box. Indulge yourself with this selection (120 g), where innovation meets tradition. Our Maîtres Chocolatiers have created these pralines to honor our heritage as the inventor of the Belgian praline and to redefine plant-based pleasure. It is important to note that a large part of our chocolate and fillings may contain milk, butter, and/or eggs, and are therefore not vegan. However, the dark chocolate tablet Uganda 80% and the Carré Origin are suitable for vegans.
Yes. Our chocolates do not contain animal fats and are consequently vegetarian.
A number of pralines are halal certified. You can use the filter on the webshop.
A number of pralines are kosher certified. You can use the filter on the webshop.
Chocolate keeps best between 15 and 18°C, away from direct sunlight, and protected from moisture. Refrigerating or freezing chocolate is not recommended. A constant temperature is important, because the temperature changes influence the chocolate in a bad way.
This phenomenon is called ‘fat bloom’. Fat bloom is caused by a thin layer of fat crystals on the surface of the chocolate. The chocolate loses its glow and a soft white layer appears. This layer gives the chocolate an unpleasant appearance. This problem should not be mistaken for the formation of mould. The cause of fat bloom is the re-crystallisation of fat and/or the migration of fatty fillings into the layer of chocolate. Storage at constant temperature delays the appearance of fat bloom.
Yes, in our boutiques you can choose which pralines you want in your Ballotin.
No, in the assortment there are currently no sugar free chocolates. However, we have increased the percentage of cocoa in our chocolate, which has reduced the sugar content.