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You can eat Neuhaus, but you can also speak it

Indulging in Neuhaus chocolates is one thing, but do you also know the language of chocolate? Immerse yourself in the world of our Maîtres Chocolatiers through this guide, exploring the essential elements of chocolate craftsmanship.

Cacao pod

An average cacao pod contains 50 beans, which are fundamental in the creation of chocolate. These cacao beans are carefully harvested and fermented before being dried, transforming them into the rich and flavourful cocoa beans that we use to create our exquisite chocolates. At Neuhaus, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability, which is why we have invested in a cacao farm in the Guayaquil Region of Ecuador. This allows us to oversee every step of the cocoa bean production process, ensuring that our chocolates are made with the highest quality ingredients and the utmost care.

The sourcing of our cacao beans extends from Ecuador to West Africa. While our Ecuadorian beans come from a farm in which we invested, certified by Rainforest Alliance IP, our African beans are sourced from renowned suppliers with sustainability programs - Cocoa Promise and Cocoa Horizons - ensuring continuous improvement in sustainable cocoa farming.

Neuhaus Chocolates Cacao Pod

Enrobing vs. Moulding

Enrobing and moulding are two distinct techniques employed in the confection of our pralines.

Enrobing involves dipping a pre-formed chocolate center into liquid chocolate. This method results in a thin and delicate shell that complements the flavours and textures of the praline's filling. Our iconic Irrésistibles pralines are made using this technique.

Moulding, in contrast, involves carefully adhering melted chocolate to the cavity of a hollow mould, allowing the chocolate to solidify and adopt the desired shape. This technique results in pralines with exquisitely detailed exteriors, such as our Albert and Jean pralines. The precision of moulding enables the creation of personalised pralines, adorned with intricate logos or delicate line drawings, adding an extra touch of artistry and elegance to these delectable creations.

Neuhaus Chocolates Enrobing Moulding

Frozen shell

Our mastery of chocolate creation extends beyond enrobing and moulding, with a third innovative technique known as the frozen shell. This method involves dipping ice-cold stamps into liquid chocolate, creating a crisp and delicate shell that showcases the praline's filling to perfection.

Neuhaus Chocolates Frozen Shell


A ganache is a smooth filling with chocolate as the main ingredient. In Neuhaus’ ganaches, chocolate is harmoniously blended with other liquid ingredients, like fresh cream, coffee, or liquor. This meticulous combination results in delightful tastes and perfectly creamy textures that define our signature creations.

Neuhaus Chocolates Ganache


Chocolate lovers will know this word, but what does it really mean? It's simply the blend of chocolate and hazelnuts, made according to an Italian recipe from 1865 and named after a famous character from the Italian Commedia dell'Arte, 'Gian d'la Duja. The selection of the best nuts and the perfect balance between chocolate and nuts give Neuhaus’ gianduja its subtle, smooth, and creamy texture. Gianduja has many variants ranging from pure giandujas to giandujas with different flavours and finishings. Some of our most iconic chocolates are made of it, like the Cornets. And one last thing: if you want to speak the real chocolate language, you must pronounce it "john-doo-zyah."

Neuhaus Chocolates Gianduja


At the heart of Neuhaus' exquisite confections lies the meticulously crafted nougatine, a symphony of crunchiness and sweetness. Our Maîtres Chocolatiers still prepare this ingredient by hand, following a timeless tradition. Slowly melting sugar in copper kettles, they patiently bake the mixture to perfection, creating a texture that awakens the senses with each bite. Imagine the delicate crackle and the symphony of flavours dancing on your palate, creating an experience that beautifully encapsulates the essence of Neuhaus' Irrésistibles.

Neuhaus Chocolates Nougatine


Signature to Neuhaus, praliné is a delicate blend of nuts, chocolate and sugar, expertly crafted into a smooth, creamy paste. Unlike the more common 'praline', which refers to a filled chocolate, Neuhaus' praliné is a true delicacy, a testament to our mastery of chocolate craftsmanship.

Neuhaus Chocolates Praliné


While this decadent filling boasts a rich, indulgent flavour, its preparation is surprisingly simple. We carefully melt sugar at 170°C to achieve the desired texture, ensuring a perfect level of sweetness. What sets our caramel apart is its authenticity, crafted in our Belgian atelier using traditional copper pots. This precise process preserves the true essence of caramel, delivering a delightful experience in every bite.

Neuhaus Chocolates Caramel

As you complete this exploration of Neuhaus chocolate artistry, you are one step closer to becoming a true chocolate connoisseur. Now, with a deeper understanding and appreciation, embark on a journey to savour the symphony of flavours and textures that Neuhaus has expertly crafted.


Let’s fly the best of Belgian chocolate to the world with the Neuhaus x Brussels Airlines partnership, serving delicious pralines above the clouds.

Neuhaus Chocolates Brussels Airlines

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