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Winter Irresistibles box

This box is filled with 16 new irresistibles composed by our Maîtres Chocolatiers by re-inventing three world famous desserts: Luscious tiramisu, warming apfelstrudel and rich cheesecake.

Neuhaus reinvents your festive desserts

This winter, the holiday will have an extra sparkle, as our Irrésistible Caprice was introduced exactly 60 years ago. To honor this legendary praline, our Maîtres Chocolatiers reinvented three world-famous desserts: luscious tiramisu, warming apfelstrudel, and rich cheesecake. Timeless classics, now captured in three Winter Irrésistibles.


The velvety richness of creamy cheesecake captured in a white chocolate cheese cream ganache, covered in a crunchy chocolate nougatine and coated in melt-in-the-mouth white chocolate. Decorated with fruity raspberry bits.


A core of smooth milk ganache, enriched with apple and raisins, enveloped by our handcrafted nougatine and covered in Belgian milk chocolate. Finished of with a light sparkle of cinnamon cookies.


An irresistible combination of tiramisu and milk chocolate ganache in a handcrafted coffee nougatine. All coated in a layer of intense dark Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with bits of cookies.

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