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Read the answers to our most asked questions

Read the answers to our most asked questions

  • Yes. Our chocolates do not contain animal fats and are consequently vegetarian.

  • No. Our chocolate and fillings may contain milk, butter and/or eggs and are consequently not vegan.

  • No. Although our chocolates do not contain animal fats, they are not certified Halal.

  • While many of our chocolates are made without wheat ingredients, all products may contain traces of gluten.

  • Chocolate keeps best between 15 and 18°C, away from direct sunlight, and protected from moisture. Refrigerating or freezing chocolate is not recommended. A constant temperature is important, because the temperature changes influence the chocolate in a bad way.

  • Alcohol is used as a preservative or ingredient in the Assorted Liquor Pralines, the Manons, Bonbon 13, and the following Truffles: Marc de Champagne, Cognac and Tiramisu. We also offer many alcohol-free assortments, such as the Neuhaus Collection Milk Dark White, Neuhaus Collection Dark, Neuhaus Collection Milk, and our traditional Ballotins.For questions about a specific product, contact us at

  • Yes, in our boutiques you can choose which pralines you want in your ballotin.

  • Due to safety and hygienic reasons, it's not possible to visit our ateliers. If you would like to see our chocolatiers at work, you can always pass by at 'Atelier de Neuhaus', in the Queen's Gallery in Brussels (next to our boutique). We also organize workshops overthere. More info:

    Galerie de la Reine - Koninginnegalerij 29 
    1000 Brussels - Belgium


  • Not all our chocolates, but we are pleased to announce that we have a kosher selection now that is certified.

  • No. Many of our chocolates contain nuts, milk, or soy ingredients, and many of our products may contain traces of those and other common allergens like eggs, sesame, gluten and groundnuts.

  • On the packaging you can find a Best Before date. Best before dates are about quality, not safety. The food typically just begins to gradually lose its flavour and texture after that date.

  • This phenomenom is called ‘fat bloom’. Fat bloom is caused by a thin layer of fat crystals on the surface of the chocolate. The chocolate loses its glow and a soft white layer appears. This layer gives the chocolate an unpleasant appearance. This problem should not be mistaken for the formation of mould. The cause of fat bloom is the re-crystallisation of fat and/or the migration of fatty fillings into the layer of chocolate. Storage at constant temperature delays the appearance of fat bloom.

  • Neuhaus does not use palm-oil in its chocolates . 

  • Yes, but this is only valid in Belgium: when you order online, you can deliver your order in a Belgian boutique at no charge.

  • Yes. You can add a personal touch to all gifts. You will be able to select an occasion and add a personal gift message while you enter the address details of the recipient.

  • No, we never include invoices with gifts. We take pride in providing a comfortable gifting experience for both the sender and the recipient.

  • Yes, we absolutely can ship chocolates during warm weather and to warm climates all year long. We designed special boxes to control temperature and protect the chocolates all the way to their destination.

  • Belgium
    For orders placed between Monday and Thursday before 21.00: next day delivery.
    For orders placed between Friday and Sunday: delivery on Tuesday

    Delivery within 48 hours.


  • Due to hygienic and safety reasons, we don't allow visitors in our ateliers. However, we're organizing workshops in our 'Atelier de Neuhau', next to our boutique in the Galerie de la Reine in Brussels. You can find more information on these workshops on our website.

  • You can contact Neuhaus:

    • by e-mail:
    • by phone: +32 2 568 23 00 (Mon - Fri: 08.00-18.00)
    • our address: 
      Postweg 2
      1602 Vlezenbeek