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Truffel Experience box

25,00 € (16 chocolates - 200gr)

The Classic Butter Truffles combined with the 3 new truffles flavours inspired by famous Belgian ingredients: waffles, speculoos and hops, have been combined in a bronze elegant giftbox

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The combination of 3 innovative flavours, together with our classic chocolate truffles that have been awarded by Bloomberg Pursuits as “World's best chocolate truffles”, in an exclusive gift box.

The 3 new innovative flavours:

Belgian waffle:

This truffle contains an intense dark Chocolate buttercream coated with crunchy Belgian waffle pieces

Speculoos & Cheesecake:

This truffle contains a speculaas-spiced chocolate buttercream with creamy cheesecake, mango purée and a hint of cardalom all coated with Belgian Speculoos biscuits.

Belgian Hop:

This truffle contains a rich, dark chocolate buttercream flavoured with hops from Poperinge in Belgium and is coated  with caramelised cocoanibs and nougatine.

suiker, cacaomassa, boter (bevat melk), palmolie, cacaoboter, cacaopoeder, volle melkpoeder, boterolie (bevat melk), granulaten "Amaretti" (suiker, tarwezetmeel, tarwebloem, bittere abrikozenpitten, ei-eiwit, kleurstof : E150b, aroma, rijsmiddel : ammoniumbicarbonaat), geroosterde amandelen, kokosolie, glucosestroop, magere cacaopoeder, stabilisator: glycerol van koolzaad, room (bevat melk), cognac, dextrose, emulgator: sojalecithine, zonnebloemolie, aroma's, palmpitolie, koffie, extract van amaretto (alcohol, water, aroma's, kleurstof : E150a), marc de champagne, tarwezetmeel, voedingszuur: citroenzuur. Mogelijks sporen van andere noten, pinda en sesam.

Voedingswaarden per 100 g : Energie 2201 kJ / 527 kcal – vetten 35,38 g – verzadigd 20,57 g – koolhydraten 42,06 g – suiker 37,04 g – eiwitten 5,59 g – zout 0,04 g