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COMPETITION RULES “Win  1 of the 10 Ballotins"


Article 1 – ORGANISATION Neuhaus nv, having its registered office at Postweg 2, 1602 Vlezenbeek, entered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under number 0406 774 844, referred to hereinafter as “Neuhaus” is organising a competition entitled “Win one of our 10 ballotin boxes” ( referred to hereinafter as “COMPETITION”). Entry in the COMPETITION implies unconditional acceptance of these competition rules (referred to hereinafter as “RULES”). Every entrant is consequently considered to have read the contents of these RULES, understood them and accepted them without limitation. These RULES can be consulted for the duration of the competition via: Entry in the COMPETITION is free and without obligation to purchase.

Article 2 – ENTRY

2.1. Access to the COMPETITION The COMPETITION is open to all natural persons who are domiciled in one of the countries where Neuhaus products are distributed and who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry. A minor can only enter the COMPETITION if he submits the permission of his legal representative. Staff and subcontractors of Neuhaus are excluded from the COMPETITION and so are all who have been directly or indirectly involved in organising or carrying out the COMPETITION, and also their partners, parents, children and others who live with them. Every entrant may enter the COMPETITION once only, using his own unique personal details.

2.2. How to enter Entry in the COMPETITION can only be done electronically, via our website that was put in place before the COMPETITION. Any attempt to enter the competition by telephone, fax, post, e-mail or by any other method will not be taken into account. The COMPETITION entrant completes the following steps in the stated order:

- enter your email address
 - Answer the main question “In which year did our Maître Chocolatiers create our iconic pralines "Caprice" en "Tentation" ?”; 
- Give an answer to the tiebreaker question “How many people will enter the competition?”
- Complete your personal details;
- (1) Agree to these Rules and give consent for your personal information to be processed and

(2) register for the newsletter;
- Submit your entry.

There is no charge for entry, but each entrant must pay for the cost of his own internet connection.

2.3. Duration of the COMPETITION The COMPETITION runs from Mon Oct 15 2018.

2.4. Validity of the entry The entrant must enter the competition in his own name and on his own account. Entry under a pseudonym or on behalf and/or on account of one or more third parties is not permitted under any circumstances. The entrant guarantees that all the details provided by him are correct, up to date and complete. Neuhaus is not liable if the entrant provides incorrect, out of date or incomplete details. Neuhaus reserves the right to exclude an entrant immediately or at a later time from the COMPETITION and/or from other current and future competitions, and also to demand reimbursement of the prize that the entrant may, where applicable, already have received as a result of entering the present COMPETITION, in case of: - submission of incomplete, incorrect or false personal or other information; - any infringement of the present RULES; - any (attempt at) fraud whatsoever. Organised and/or collective (automated or otherwise) entry in the COMPETITION shall in every case be viewed as fraud, and so shall all (attempts to) alter the conditions of the COMPETITION by means of any procedure whatsoever (whether automated or not), with a view to influencing the result and the announcement of the winner, and these shall therefore automatically result in exclusion. The results of the COMPETITION cannot be contested. No correspondence can be entered into concerning the results of the COMPETITION (either by post, by e-mail or by telephone).

Article 3 – PRIZE

3.1. Prize: The 10 prizes shall be distributed every month.The winners of the COMPETITION shall win the following prize: - 1 Ballotin 500gr.

The prize shall be accepted by the winner as awarded, it cannot be disputed and it cannot under any circumstances be refunded or exchanged.

3.2. Awarding of the prize Within the above-mentioned region the prize shall be awarded to the entrant who gives the correct answer to the main question: “In which year our iconic chocolates Caprice and Tentation were created?” and has given an answer to the tiebreaker question “How many people will enter” that comes closest to the correct answer. . The final winners will be informed each month.

Neuhaus will contact the winners by e-mail, using the e-mail address given on the electronic entry form. The winner must confirm within a period of 7 days after receipt of the above-mentioned e-mail that he accepts his prize, in accordance with the instructions provided in the e-mail. In case of failure to confirm acceptance in accordance with the instructions and/or within the above-mentioned deadline, the winner shall lose all claim to his prize and NEUHAUS reserves the right to award this prize again by announcing a new winner. The prize shall be delivered to the winner's home at a previously agreed time. Failure to accept the prize, for any reason whatsoever, cannot under any circumstances result in the award of any monetary or other equivalent value.


Our last updated privcay policy can be found through this link:

Article 5 – LIABILITY Neuhaus is not liable for any damages of any kind resulting from entry in the COMPETITION, awarding of the prize and/or the consequences of accepting the prize. Neuhaus cannot be held liable if the COMPETITION is altered, prolonged shortened, delayed or cancelled, in full or in part, due to reasons outside the control of Neuhaus (due to chance or due to force majeure), or due to any other event whatsoever which is viewed by Neuhaus, entirely at its own discretion, as something that prevents the running of the COMPETITION under the conditions initially envisaged. Neuhaus also cannot be held liable for any technical problem that results in entry to the COMPETITION being possible, nor for technical problems that may hinder the continuous and uninterrupted running of the COMPETITION

. Article 6 – VALIDITY & ENFORCEABILITY OF THE RULES If one or more provisions of these RULES are found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining clauses shall nevertheless remain in force.

Article 7 - LEGISLATION AND JURISDICTION Every complaint or dispute in relation to these Conditions must be disclosed to Neuhaus using the following contact details: Insofar as such is permitted by law, the current RULES shall be governed by Belgian law.