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1857 - The story begins 

Jean Neuhaus settles in Brussels and opens a pharmacy in the prestigious Galerie de la Reine. With his customers’ well-being at heart, he covers his medicines with a layer of chocolate to make them more palatable. 

1912 - Invention of the original Belgian 'praline'

Jean Neuhaus Jr. expands his grandfather’s idea, replacing the medicines with delight to create the first filled chocolate. He calls it ‘praline’, which becomes an immediate success! His invention is the original Belgian praline as we know it today. With their passion and craftsmanship, the Neuhaus family pioneer the rich Belgian chocolate culture.

1915 - The 'ballotin' box

Louise Agostini, wife of Jean Neuhaus Jr., designs an elegant gift box to protect the chocolates most attractively. This famous box, called the ‘ballotin’, filled with the finest chocolates becomes the ‘must-have’ gift. The gift of caring is born!

1937 - Timeless classics

The 'Bonbon 13' and 'Astrid' chocolates are created and become true Neuhaus classics. Today, 80 years on, these authentic chocolates are still made according to the original recipes.

1958 - Stars of the World Expo

During the World Exhibition in Brussels, Neuhaus introduces the most refined 'Caprice' and 'Tentation' chocolates. Made according to a timeless Neuhaus recipe − a crunchy nougatine, hand-filled with smooth fresh cream or ganache, and coated in fine milk or intense dark chocolate − they are a sophisticated combination of taste and texture with a unique, iconic shape. Composed with the utmost care, these artisanal chocolates remain the Neuhaus icons and are still irresistible today.

1960 - Royal creations

In 1959 and 1960, Belgium celebrated the weddings of Prince Albert to Paola and King Baudouin to Fabiola. To mark the occasion, Neuhaus creates 4 new chocolates − 'Baudouin', 'Fabiola', 'Albert' and 'Paola' − named after the royal family.

2000 - Royal Warrant Holder

In 2000, Neuhaus was appointed Royal Warrant Holder to the Belgian Royal Court. This recognition that its chocolates are appreciated and savoured by kings and queens lends further prestige to the notable chocolatier.

2016 - Royal creations

To honour Belgium’s King Philip and Queen Mathilde, Neuhaus’ Maîtres Chocolatiers create 2 new timeless pralines bearing their names.

2017 - The world's best truffle

A Bloomberg publication honours the Neuhaus classic chocolate truffle in an article titled “We Found the Best Chocolate Truffle in the World”. Praise for our fresh and intense chocolate truffles includes: “The tender coating gave way to a luxurious whipped mousse filling, with layers of flavor” and “I feel like I just fell into a pool of chocolate.”

Today - Original Belgian Chocolate, composed with care 

Today, Neuhaus chocolate is a symphony of taste and texture − made in Belgium with the finest natural ingredients from the best regions of the world − composed with the utmost care by our maîtres chocolatiers. At Neuhaus, we believe in taking the time for real and profound human connection. Because, ultimately, we believe that the refined chocolate we create satisfies people deep down, enhancing their well-being.