Neuhaus Chocolates Millésimé Citron


An almond praliné with a paste of roasted sunflower seeds, lemon from Spain and lime, finished with white chocolate.

Neuhaus Chocolates Millésimé Yucatan


A praline with caramel of Isigny (France) and Yucatan-honey (from Mexico), finished with white chocolate and curcuma.

Neuhaus Chocolates Millésimé Pomme


Ganache with Granny Smith apples from France, Muscovado-sugar, Arabica coffee beans, and dark chocolate from Vietnam (80% cacao).

Neuhaus Chocolates Millésimé Chili


Ganache with dark chocolate from Madagascar (72% cacao) and chili.

Neuhaus Chocolates Sommelier Amandes


An almond praliné with a perfume of Italian olive oil, finished with a sprinkle of sea salt.

Neuhaus Chocolates Sommelier Graines


An almond praliné with pumpkin and sunflower seeds coated with dulcey chocolate and paprika powder.

Neuhaus Chocolates Sommelier Miel


A soft, crunchy hazelnut praliné with cardamom and acacia honey, flavoured and coated with fine milk chocolate.

Neuhaus Chocolates Sommelier Earl Grey


Soft, herby ganache filling of Earl Grey tea, enriched with mango puree and a touch of acacia honey.

Neuhaus Chocolates Sommelier Cerises


Distinctive ganache filling with origin chocolate from Costa Rica (64% cocoa) and cherries, with a finish of white chocolate and cassis-cocoa butter.

Neuhaus Chocolates Sommelier Safran


Full, bold ganache filling with origin chocolate from Colombia (70% cocoa), enriched with blackberries, saffron, herby rosemary honey and a finish of white chocolate.

Discover our duets

Duets allow you to invent your own pralines. To do so, you have to combine one of the chocolate bases with one of the six richly filled toppings.

Neuhaus Chocolates Duets

100% sustainably sourced cacao

UTZ (now part of the Rainforest Alliance) is the world's leading programme for sustainably grown cacao. The UTZ label stands for more sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families, and our planet.

Neuhaus Chocolates Sustainably Sourced Cacao

Made in Belgium since 1857

For over 100 years, ever since Jean Neuhaus Jr. invented the Belgian praline in 1912, all Neuhaus chocolates have been made entirely in Belgium. Continuously overseen by our Maîtres Chocolatiers. It is our firm commitment to keep it that way.

Neuhaus Chocolates History

Natural Ingredients

Every single ingredient that goes into a Neuhaus product is carefully selected and always of 100% natural origin. All our chocolates are palm oil free.

made in belgium

All our pralines and truffles have always been crafted with care in Belgium and it’s our firm commitment to keep it that way.

Honest Chocolate

All our cacao is sustainably sourced. We also invested in our own cacao farm in Ecuador in order to work directly with cacao farmers to ensure traceability and quality.