Last updated: March 13, 2024

Neuhaus Chocolates is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for people with disabilities. We are continually monitoring accessibility guidelines and improving the user experience for everyone, by applying the relevant accessibility standards.

We have installed accessibility software powered by accessiBe on our website so that people using Neuhaus Chocolate website may further enhance their web browsing experience. The accessibility menu can be enabled by clicking on the accessibility icon in the lower right corner of the webpage.

It is an ongoing effort to continually improve and remediate accessibility issues and we also regularly scan our website to identify and fix every possible accessibility barrier on our site. Despite our efforts to make all pages and content on fully accessible, some content may not have yet been fully adapted to the strictest accessibility standards. 

If you have specific questions or concerns about the accessibility of our website or need any assistance please email us at or call 1-516-576-3202