3 chocolate hearts

A collaboration with Arabelle Meirlaen

Almond Sesame

A milk chocolate heart filled with a praliné of almonds, green tea and roasted sesame seeds.

Cherry Hazelnut

A white chocolate heart filled with ganache of cherries and praliné with Piedmont hazelnuts.

Bergamot Chili

A dark chocolate heart filled with ganaches of bergamot and lavender with a hint of Chili.

Arabelle Meirlaen

Michelin star chef

Female Belgian chef Arabelle Meirlaen has made natural intuitive cuisine her own. She is guided by her female intuition and gives spices and vegetables a leading role in her dishes. Every day she collects fresh ingredients from her wonderful garden. The desserts built around perfumes are a real signature and were the inspiration for this year’s limited edition Love Letter Box.

Love Letter Box

The limited edition Love Letter Box contains 15 heart chocolates in milk, dark & white chocolate. Belgian Michelin star chef Arabelle Meirlaen used her passion for perfumes as the base to create 3 chocolate hearts.

Heart Milk Almond Sesame

A heart of milk chocolate composed of one half of praliné with almonds and green tea with a hint of matcha and another half of praliné with roasted sesame seeds.

Heart Red Cherry Hazelnut

A heart of white chocolate filled with one half of a dark chocolate ganache with cherries and another half filled with a praliné with Piedmont hazelnuts.

Heart Dark Bergamot Chili

A dark chocolate heart filled with one half of dark chocolate ganache with bergamot and another half of milk chocolate ganache with delicate notes of lavender and chili.

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