6 pralines that pair perfectly

with a glass of wine

Our Maîtres Chocolatiers created six new pralines that offer a perfectly balanced mix of taste, texture and cocoa intensity. The use of noble and pure ingredients like Earl Grey tea, saffron, cardamom and acacia honey make these pralines the perfect companion to certain types of wine. Because both the pralines and wines have a complex taste profile with multiple layers, they complement each other harmoniously and bring out each other’s nuanced flavours.

the pralines

Neuhaus Chocolates Sommelier Amandes

sommelier amandes

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Neuhaus Chocolates Sommelier Graines

sommelier graines

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Neuhaus Chocolates Sommelier Miel

sommelier miel

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Neuhaus Chocolates Sommelier Earl Grey

sommelier earl grey

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Neuhaus Chocolates Sommelier Cerises

sommelier cerises

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Neuhaus Chocolates Sommelier Safran

sommelier safran

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wine & pralines box

Wine, like chocolate, is the product of true craftmanship, and a wonderful companion to pralines, each one designed to be savoured with a specific type of wine.

Neuhaus Chocolates Wine & Pralines Box

a collaboration

between our maîtres chocolatiers and wine experts

To ensure the best possible flavour combinations for this collection, our Maîtres Chocolatiers teamed up with the Belgian Gault&Millau wine experts and sommelier Sepideh Sedaghatnia. The result of this exciting collaboration of expertise are six new pralines that pair perfectly with a glass of wine. Three of the pralines make the perfect companion to red wines, and three of the pralines are best savoured with white wines. In the tasting guide we have included several wine tips from our experts for every praline so as to create the best possible match. The Wine Pairing Collection is the perfect gift for both chocolate lovers and the wine connoisseurs alike.

sepideh sedaghatnia


Sepideh left her home country of Iran at the age of 17 to train as a professional sommelier in Europe. Sepideh has worked in many top restaurants and she was awarded Sommelier of the Year by Gault&Millau in 2014. She opened her own wine and food bar, Divin by Sepi, in Antwerp in 2015, where she regularly hosts leading wine makers and tastings. She’s also authored multiple books about wine.

Neuhaus Chocolates Sepideh Sedaghatnia
Neuhaus Chocolates Marc Declerck

marc declerck

gault & millau

The collaboration between Gault & Millau and Neuhaus on the Wine & Praline collection is the latest in a longstanding relationship. This partnership was built on our shared passion for gastronomy and craftsmanship, a passion which is also at the core of this beautiful collection.