Chocolate Cocktails

The Chocolate Cocktails collection creates a bold experience that turns every occasion into a party. By fusing the richness of premium chocolate with the thrill of our most beloved cocktails, we have created bold and original chocolates that will leave a lasting impression.

Reinventing liquor pralines

5 perfectly stirred chocolate cocktails

Vodka Rosie

Indulge in a Cosmopolitan-inspired delight with this white chocolate praline featuring a harmonious blend of red currant, vodka, and violet-infused dark chocolate ganache.

Neuhaus Chocolate Cocktails Vodka Rosie

Gin Provence

This original take on the Gin Fizz harmoniously unites the richness of fondant chocolate with the herbal pungency of gin and mescal, drawing inspiration from cool summer mornings in Provence with the scent of blooming lavender, creating a uniquely inventive blend.

Neuhaus Chocolate Cocktails Gin Provence

Rum Clarita

An ode to the Clarita cocktail, winner of the 2017 Bacardi Legacy Global Cocktail Competition, this praline fuses dark chocolate, rum, sherry, and the anise bite of absinthe, earning its place in the Chocolate Cocktails collection.

Neuhaus Chocolate Cocktails Rum Clarita

Sake Sunrise

Sake Sunrise transports you to far-off Japan, where the combination of crisp yuzu, smoky sake, zesty Japanese plum wine, and sweet milk chocolate creates a delightfully invigorating experience, that can be lived simply by closing your eyes.

Neuhaus Chocolate Cocktails Saké sunrise

Whisky Midnight

Inspired by the legendary Old Fashioned cocktail, Whisky Midnight embraces the spirit of jazz. This praline combines the strong oak notes of whisky with the bitter, rich texture of fondant chocolate and the tanginess of lime.

Neuhaus Chocolate Cocktails Whisky Midnight


As the inventor of the Belgian praline, it was only natural to take on the challenge of reinventing the traditional liquor praline. To do so, our Maîtres Chocolatiers have joined forces with a Belgian family of world-renowned mixologists—the Van Ongevalle's. The seamless blend of craftsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit made the collaboration a match made in heaven. The result? Five unique, spirits-filled pralines, inspired by popular cocktails.

Neuhaus Chocolate Cocktails

Chocolate Cocktails

What happens when our Maîtres Chocolatiers and Mixologists team up to conceive an explosion of flavour? Discover it now, because our Chocolate Cocktails collection turns every occasion into a party!

Neuhaus Chocolate Cocktails